Stop Free Sex and Recognize Danger

Free Sex is a sexual relationship outside of marriage is performed, both like the same in the world likes it or prostitution.

Free sex not only done by women and even teenagers who have been married too often do it with people who are not spouses. Usually done with a reason for the variation of sex or sexual sensation to overcome boredom.

Free sex is not worth doing because given the risk is very large. Here are some of the dangers of free sex:
1. For young people
• Pregnancy at an early age is very risky
• Infertility due to abortion
• bleeding that can result in abortion death
• Loss of opportunity to study or to lose the future because they have to get married at an early age
• Hit by a sexually transmitted disease
• Hit by HIV / AIDS
However, for teenagers who like to have sex should get married.

2. For those who are married
• The destruction of the household due to infidelity
• If you already have a child, his son will not get attention
• contracted the disease sexually transmitted
• contracted HIV / AIDS
If you feel less harmonious in house keep you can improve that relationship through marriage consultant. If the problem is the problem of bed you should contact a doctor who specializes in that field.

So if all could be improved to make what cheating. OK. Peace and Love

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