Hot Sex Positions and Benefits According to Tao

Besides able to feel orgasms repeatedly, or philosophy of teaching Tao provide benefits to live healthy and happy. Although derived from Chinese, Taoism is easily understood, practical, and even all mankind can studied.
Understand that sex is essentially something universal. Around the sixth century or
2nd century AD, Taoism was found based on the book Tao Te Ching, Lao writing
Tzu who later developed by the followers, who later Chuang Tzu
become philosophical. This is the favorite positions Tao

Traction from above and behind
This position is the woman sitting with his back to the above pair man’s face, dealing with the foot while holding and stroking the feet man. This position was made if the couple already saturated with various variations of style or position.
The existence of women over make it more freely for the vagina to touched and grabbed the penis. While the couple other than men can also enjoy express his love with his arm around, and thigh while squeezing the breast or buttocks.
In Taoist teachings can benefit from this position can accelerate the blood and good for those who have high blood pressure disease.

Side grip
The position of women is still higher than this time he did not just lie but picked up one of her hips in a tilted position. Position women were slightly sideways. This position is believed to fuel the energy and can channel stimulation higher.

Gripping each other
Sitting face to face, the woman is above the pair embraced. Whereas he clenched his hands below. Friction and rhythmic jolt can be done in a long time interval
while kissing lips. Although the above position of women, then not only can embrace, but
also stroked the breasts so that makes the more stimulation and can be
lit passion hotter. Felt relaxed and fun time intercourse positions. Not a lot of energy expenditure. Precisely power is very strong stimulation.

Roll grip
Each lying in a sideways position as he hugged. Second hand pair circular to the hip area and buttocks. In this position man and the couple showered each other a kiss and a warm hug. I was so delicious, men and couples bias to roll around, do not want off, because this position is very exciting. Besides, the position
This helped clear the kidney, heart and lungs. Because This position can help the energy points to the above organs and for which there is disorder pubic bone.

Fall grip
Sit facing each other, keep the position of women over men thigh. In This position is not sitting on the bed but with the use of bench padded around half a meter high. The bench is not selected there its back, so the legs downward bias due to the relaxed while making love.

When doing this the position of men and couples are free to sway, mutual friction entire skin surface in contact and jerk it accordance with the desire.

Worship at Top Mantras
Position the woman lying on higher ground (or table mat)with wide open thighs and legs, until the legs at the knees bent tip of a table or mat. Thus, the male partner to easily insert his penis with half standing position is supported by both his knees. This sex scene is male dominated movements. But the women do not only enjoy but also can train for stronger vaginal muscles gripping tool vital to men.
This position will accelerate the blood, both for those suffering from blood pressure high. If there is one pair of high blood disorder, the position must lying down or when one spouse must be the position of the energy shortage lying so controlled.

In the Edge Games
Women in the supine position under, then lift both legs propped on the shoulders of men. The position of men is bent woman’s buttocks, lifting her knees to get closer with a vital tool
Clear male dominance in this position and this is very liked by the women, because they can enjoy the aggressive attacks from her partner, so ‘to the extreme in’.

Conquest of the Stern
Like push-ups, women hold hands below. Head leaning on his hand slightly down, and the buttocks higher. While that guy in a half standing position with knees bent penis entering from behind. This position will enhance energy stimulation of both partners. Also explores the ‘sharp end in’.

Good luck

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